DIY 20 ways use bottle to create useful things

There are various sort of old bottles which we overlook totally and kept aside as a waste item, can be utilized to develop a brand-new art kind. There are various types of art type that we see around us and there is a special idea of utilizing the waste item in a special method. Old waste bottles can be utilized to produce various functional things in our day-to-days live. One can quickly utilize old bottles with various shapes to form lamps or tree pots or other things. So have a look at recycling plastic bottles which may make you feel great today.

If you’re trying to search for things you can reuse which may make you feel fantastic, you have actually land on the cool lading page. via Boredpanda

1.Vertical Garden

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Source: Rosenbaum and Luciano Huck


3 4 5

Designed by: Sarah Turner

3.Beautiful Mosaic From Caps Left By Hurricane Sandy

6 7 8

Designed by Lisa Be | Project Vortex

4.Jewelry Stand

9 10 11 12

Source: EBLOT

5.Cherry Blossom Paint Stamp



6.Parking Canopy

14 15 16

Image credits: Garth Britzman

7.Bouquet Lamp


Image credits:

8.Christmas Tree

18 19 20 21

Image credits:

9.Cute Planters

22 23

Designed by: Seamy’s Deco And House

24 25

Designed by: Maceta Gatuna

10.Intricate Bottle Vase



11.Durable Purse

27 28

Image credits: Zitta Schnitt

12.Sci-Fi Rocket Jet Pack

29 30 31

Image credits:

13.Hanging Chandelier


Image credits: Michelle Brand |

14.Lake Boat


Designed by Tom Davies


Image credits: FijiMe Tour

15.Pencil/Marker Organizers


Image credits: unknown

16.Ottoman Seat


Image credits: unknown


37 38

Image credits: Michelle Brand

18.Bottle Cap Decoration

39 40 41

Image credits: Ilya Naymushinvia

19.Bird Feeder


Source: | FamilyFun Magazine

20.Napkin Ring

43 44 45 46 47


Designed by: Equipe Kazari

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