French Artist Make Amazing Pictures On The Buildings Around The World

generally, artist just draw or paint their pictures in a small scale. Because those are very easy. How about the large scale like on the big wall or building, that sometimes it does not smooth and rough. However, French artist, Julien Malland, painting very big pictures on walls and building in many countries such as China, Vietnam,
Indonesia, India, Mexico. Those Pictures are very nice and you will admire his achieve when you his pictures. Let see those pictures below. Image Sources: Instagram | FacebookJulien Malland work-014Julien Malland work-015Julien Malland work-02Julien Malland work-06Julien Malland work-05Julien Malland work-04Julien Malland work-07Julien Malland work-08Julien Malland work-09Julien Malland work-010Julien Malland work-011Julien Malland work-012Julien Malland work-013


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