Great Janette Rose’s Butterfly Painting

If you look at photos below you will see how these drawing different from other. Janette Rose(aka @JanetteRose) had drawing many kinds of pictures on the papers and leaves. Her painting is very the same as the true things but she use watercolor to draw her painting such as butterfly on the paper song. If you don’t focus at the time, you might think that they are the real butterfly because it has shadow that make the paint look like the real. via: mymodernmet.comJanette paint=1Janette paint=3Janette paint=4Janette paint=2Janette paint=5Janette paint=14Janette paint=15Janette paint=7Janette paint=9Janette paint=10Janette paint=8Janette paint=12Janette paint=13 Photos credit: Janette Rose: Website | Instagram


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